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Alternative Energy Articles

Alternative Energy Articles

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Alternative Energy Sources

Solar Energy

Solar EnergyThis energy source is used in furnaces for homes and for heating swimming pools. Its major applications are in power plants, space ships and in running cars. 

Solar Energy Information

Wind Energy

Wind EnergyOne of the cleanest sources of energy, it is dependent on the weather and location, wind energy is very helpful in a lot of ways specifically in generating electricity through the use of windmills.

Wind Energy Information

Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectric EnergyHydroelectric energy utilizes the potential energy existing in the water and helps in generating cheaper electricity

Hydroelectric Energy Information

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal EnergyGeothermal Energy comes from the earth痴 core where temperatures are high and constant all year round. This is ideally used in home heating systems

Geothermal Energy Information

Alternative Energy Articles


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