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The Pros and Cons of Solar Energy?

The Pros and Cons of Solar Energy




Solar energy comes from the sun? rays. It is one of the alternative and renewable forms of energy being a natural resource. And since it is readily available, solar energy will never ran out of supply in the millions of years to come.


This radiant energy from the sun can be used in a variety of ways including electricity generation, heating and cooling homes and buildings, cooking, water treatment, drying food grains and milk pasteurization. 

Solar energy has been used since the ancient times. The Greeks and Chinese used it in orienting architectural structures while mirrors were used in warfare before to concentrate the sun? rays on enemy ships which eventually burn them down. 

While it has many advantages, solar energy has its share of disadvantages especially since it not considered a fully mature technology yet and 
therefore needs more development.
Pros of Solar Energy


  • Solar energy is clean and does not cause pollution therefore, not harmful to the environment. Unlike fossil fuels, it does not produce waste products and will last for a very long time as long as sun continues to shine. 

  • Solar energy systems can now function well in almost any climate. A home? design and orientation, though, have to be considered. 

  • It does not need any fuel. It is also not dependent on the supply and demand of fossil fuel and therefore, unaffected by increasing prices of 

  • The sun is a free source of electricity. It does not require wires in order for power to travel and solar electricity can be stored. What? great 
    about it is the absence of noise pollution when power is generated via solar energy. Remote locations are ideal sites for solar systems aimed at 
    generating electricity.

  • Solar energy systems can operate on their own without being connected to a power or gas grid. This makes them available for use in far-flung 

  • Solar panels are durable and needs less maintenance which translates to cost savings. Initial investment can be recouped from three to eight 
    years after which the energy cost becomes almost zero. 

  • Manufacturers of solar equipment now offer longer warranties of up to 20 years or more to their products. This also translates to savings should 
    the equipment bog down. 

  • Financial incentives are provided by government aimed at reducing cost. 

Cons of Solar Energy
  • The initial investment in solar systems is quite high compared to the conventional electric systems. The semi-conducting materials used in 
    constructing a solar system are expensive.
  • The efficiency of solar systems needs more improvement. Today, the collection of solar energy is dependent on the number of hours of sunlight 
    as well as on the climate. Obviously, this is only available during the day and therefore, people need to use other sources at night. 
  • Solar equipment is quite expensive for the average person and requires a wide area for installation to maximize its efficiency. 
  • The cost of solar energy is also high than electricity produced via non-renewable energy. Its price is becoming more competitive as energy 
    shortages are becoming commonplace today. 
  • For solar-powered vehicles, their slow speed may not be appealing to many people who are used to driving fast-speed automobiles. 

Solar energy is used in many homes around the United States. 

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